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Why we love helping Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) businesses
Our mission is to lead online traffic towards trusted and well-trained CAM  practitioners


We are proud of the strong relationships we build with our clients and their customers online. We create powerful marketing campaigns that help medical practices connect with their patients at a much deeper level. Through digital marketing and advertisement, we help reach and maintain our client's target market.


Our clients include medical practices, pharmaceuticals, health and nutrition centers, chiropractic, dental and other practices.

Focused on helping you reach your fullest potential

We 100% believe that your practice makes this world a healthier and better place which is why we feel so passionate on helping you succeed in this ever changing digital world. The social media and advertising strategies we implement are always the most up to date and will keep your practice ahead of the game.

"Eagle Vision Solutions isn't any ordinary marketing agency. Everyone here has the mindset of treating every business as if it was their own. 

Our partners understand that they are not hiring an agency or freelancers... they're contracting  partners willing to do anything to grow their business to their fullest potential."


- Enrique Azuaje, CEO       


Enrique Azuaje

CEO & Founder

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I was born in Venezuela, raised and currently living in Chicago. I started Eagle Vision Solutions for one purpose: to serve my community. I grew up with two ministers as parents so I was always involved in community and volunteer projects. I fell in love with marketing when I started to see the benefits of building my own personal brand and I quickly submerged myself in the world of digital marketing and saw how powerful it could be for businesses.  I decided to work directly with complementary and alternative medicine businesses when I realized how attached western culture is to pharmaceutical drugs, and how we've lost touch with our ancient healing practices that brought us closer to our body, mind, spirit, and community. I wanted to create a business that would positively impact society and by focusing Eagle Vision Solutions on serving the CAM industry, I know that I can help thousands of businesses and potentially millions of people just by helping small CAM businesses grow and bring more awareness to the importance of living a balanced lifestyle.